About Us

The inspiration for our title came from memories of Taos County's very first Hispanic disk Jockey, the late Norberto Martinez Sr., drummer, percussionist and vocalist. As KKIT-AM came to the air in 1961, Norberto, as he would "cue up" a song, would proudly announce: "Aqui tenemos Talento Local." (Pronounced Talento Low-kuhl)

About Us

Don Richmond: piano, mandolin, violin, pedal steel

Lee Norman Gonzales: alto saxophone

Steve Leger: trumpet

Leroy Lucero: percussion & drums

Jaime Martinez: piano, guitar, bass, trumpet

Carlos Medina: accordion

Adonias Marquez: keyboard

Lawerence Martin Martinez: guitars, bass, harmony vocals


Frank Gusdorf

Thelma Montez

Fred Anglada

Richard Romero

Adonais Marquez

Daphne Marquez

Jose Rudolfo Dominguez

Jose Leon Trujillo

Larry Vincent

Arcenio Trujillo

Lorenzo Bailon

Jaime Martinez

Lorenzo Martin